How do Airbnb private room prices vary by suburb near Sydney's CBD?

The below sequence of visualisations demonstrates that there is considerable variation in private room prices on Airbnb in inner-city suburbs. As Airbnb becomes more popular, and is increasingly used by business travellers, suburbs on the fringes of Sydney's CBD may become more sought after as better-priced options, presenting potential opportunities for homeowners with a spare room. However, what the data shows by looking at the suburb of Stanmore in Sydney's inner west, is that most of the private room listings (and particularly those that conform to the generally more competitive pricing of the area) have a very low level of availability.


Further to this, the Eliot & Me short-term rental value widget can provide further drill-down information on expected returns to Airbnb hosts in different areas - for specific addresses, suburbs or whole cities. The widget also gives you the ability to specify property details such as room type, number of guests the property can accommodate, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and provides rental estimates for both average and peak periods. The below estimate is for a private room in Stanmore, sleeping 2, with 1 bathroom and 1 bedroom. Check out the widget on their website to do your own searches!

Short-term rental value Rent estimate by Eliotâ„¢

Disclaimer: Maps created using publicly available information from Airbnb. This blog post does not constitute financial advice.

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