Which ShareCover policy is best for you and your property?

When you make a decision about a policy, always read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

While we can’t advise you which policy is best for you and your property, it's important you ensure that the type of policy you have is appropriate to your needs, and that the amount of insurance cover you purchase accurately reflects the cost to replace your home and contents in the event of a claim.

In making the decision about which policy to choose, you may want to consider how often you will rent your property using recognised sharing economy platforms and the length of the period over which this renting will take place.

ShareCover offers three distinct policies - ‘Single Stay’, ‘6 month’ and ‘12 month’.

A ‘Single Stay’ policy will cover you for a single period of temporary residential accommodation of 90 days or less. This period can include multiple bookings. For example, if you have six bookings over a three week period, you can purchase a Single Stay policy for that three week period which covers all six bookings.

A ‘6 month’ policy will cover you for a any periods of , which will cover you for any periods of temporary residential accommodation (any number of discrete guest stays) of 90 days or less, during the six month period of insurance.
Wording question: 6/12 month policies cover purchases for “any periods” of temporary accomm of 90 days or less, while a single stay policy covers purchases for “a single period” of temp accom of 90 days or less - but the single stay covers multiple bookings during that period. Clarification on the language to use here would be appreciated.

And the ‘12 month’, which works in the same way as the ‘6 month’, but during the specified twelve month period of insurance.


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