What is the Stacked Up app?

Stacked Up is a data-driven app based around a simple premise: if it were possible to earn meaningful income from renting a spare room, buying a place might just stack up.

The app analyses and visualises property-related information from around Australia. By comparing property sale prices with potential returns on short term, private room rentals across different suburbs, Stacked Up aims to show the places where people might be able to make important dollars renting extra space - helping get things to stack up.

We’re still working on the app - we want it to show how returns on short term renting compare for places with different numbers of rooms, different proximities to transport, and different property features - to help first-home buyers, up-graders, and those who already own a home (and want to see if short term renting stacks up for them). What do you think the app should be? Take the survey here.

Click here to have a go at using the Stacked Up App yourself!

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