What is ShareCover’s Referral program?


ShareCover's Referral program rewards code-sharers with free insurance.

When you purchase ShareCover you will receive a unique referral code, which you can share with as many people as you like.

If a new user purchases a ShareCover policy using your referral code, you will receive a reward, which varies between 1 and 20 free nights of insurance, according to the policy purchased. To learn more about the rewards for referring others to ShareCover, click here.

The purchaser who uses your referral code also receives a reward! For whichever policy they purchase, 2 credits (free nights of cover) will be added to their account.

Importantly, credits awarded to both referrers and new purchasers never expire!


What are the rewards for referring others to ShareCover?

What is ShareCover’s Loyalty program?