What is and what isn’t covered by ShareCover?

For full details on what is and isn’t covered by ShareCover, read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

ShareCover covers you for a bunch of risks associated with renting your property on sharing economy platforms like AirbnbStayz, and TripAdvisor. It also doesn’t cover you for some risks.

Importantly, ShareCover may cover you where your standard home and contents insurance, landlord insurance, or guarantee provided by the sharing economy platform you’re using, may not. In many cases this is because ShareCover is designed specifically to support your participation in the sharing economy as a property renter.

As detailed in the PDS, ShareCover provides cover for your home and its contents only whilst it is being used as temporary residential accommodation (through a recognised sharing economy platform like AirbnbStayz, or TripAdvisor), for loss or damage that is directly caused by a guest’s (or a guest’s visitor’s) act or omission. This includes events, that arise under the above circumstances, such as theft, malicious or accidental damage, loss of rental income, and liability.

Among other things, ShareCover will also not cover spaces that are being sub-let without written consent from the landlord or owner. Click here to find out more about what ShareCover does not cover.

To reiterate, full details on what is and isn’t covered by ShareCover can be found in our Product Disclosure Statement.

If you have any doubts or queries about what is and isn’t covered by ShareCover, contact us.


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