What is and isn't covered under ShareCover's Strata Property natural perils cover?

Before reading this, make sure you check whether your property qualifies for this cover.

As detailed in the PDS, ShareCover provides cover for loss or damage to your home and contents directly caused by any of the following events:

i. Bushfires

ii. Lightning (including power surge caused by lightning)

iii. Earthquake

iv. Tsunami

v. Storm or rainwater

vi. Flood


ShareCover does not cover any loss or damage caused by certain incidents, including but not limited to; subsidence and landslide (unless proved to have directly occurred within 72 hours of, and as a direct result of, an earthquake, tsunami or flood), erosion, landslip, mudslide, collapse, shrinkage or any other earth movement.

For full details on what is and isn't covered under strata property natural perils cover, read our Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).


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