What are the risks of using sharing economy platforms like Airbnb, Stayz and TripAdvisor?


There are a number of risks associated with renting your property through recognised sharing economy platforms like Airbnb, StayzTripAdvisor, FlipKey, Booking.com, HomeAway, and L'Abode. We suggest that some of these may include theft of your personal belongings, identity theft, accidental damage or malicious damage done by guests, loss of rental income, or personal injury liability. This list is by no means exhaustive. To better understand the risks that may be associated with using any particular sharing economy platform, visit their website.

What ShareCover does, is offer cover for you and your property against a range of risks, to support your participation in the sharing economy. ShareCover isn’t intended to replace your standard home and contents policy, but rather provides cover for additional risks associated with renting your house on a recognised sharing economy platform. Importantly, it insures you against events that many contents or landlord policies won't. For full details on what ShareCover does and doesn’t cover, see our Product Disclosure Statement.


Sharing economy platforms like Airbnb, Stayz & TripAdvisor - why use them?

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