Is ShareCover designed to replace my standard home and contents insurance policy?

No, ShareCover is not intended to replace a standard home and contents insurance policy.

Nor is ShareCover a replacement for a landlord policy.

ShareCover doesn’t, for example, provide non-strata properties with insurance for loss or damage arising from natural perils including but not limited to storm, tempest, lightning, thunderbolt, hail, earthquake, flood, cyclones, tidal surge, tsunami, action of the sea, high water, erosion, landslide, subsidence, bushfires and other catastrophic weather events.

Rather, ShareCover offers specialised, flexible cover for hosts using recognised platforms like Airbnb, Stayz, or TripAdvisor, against certain events arising from a guest act or omission.

So, ShareCover isn’t intended to replace your standard home and contents policy. But it does provide cover against specific risks that may not be covered by your standard home and contents insurance, landlord insurance policy, or by the guarantees and covers provided by certain recognised sharing economy platforms!

For full details about what ShareCover does and doesn’t cover, see our Product Disclosure Statement.


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