I have home and contents insurance. Why do I need ShareCover?


Home and contents insurance does not automatically cover your property when you rent it out on platforms like Airbnb, Stayz, or TripAdvisor.

In fact, your existing home and contents insurance may not provide cover if you use your property for any commercial purpose, including short-term renting or home-sharing on recognised platforms. So, even if you only rent your property out on Airbnb or Stayz for a couple of nights a year, you might be unprotected from any property damage that occurs during a guest's stay.

This is why ShareCover exists. ShareCover is designed to cover you against certain risks associated with having short-term guests rent your property.

These risks may not be covered by your standard home and contents insurance, landlord insurance policy, or by the guarantees and covers provided by certain recognised sharing economy platforms. And so while ShareCover isn’t intended to replace a standard home and contents policy, it does provide additional covers specifically designed for hosts renting their property on recognised sharing economy platforms like Airbnb, Stayz, or TripAdvisor.

ShareCover gives you peace of mind to support your participation in the sharing economy.

For full details on what ShareCover does and doesn’t cover, see our Product Disclosure Statement. And to find out what you are covered for under your existing insurance arrangements, refer to those policies.


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