I don't want my property to be used as a party house. Is this likely? What can I do to prevent it?


When renting your property there are always risks.

We can’t say whether it’s likely or not that your property will be used as a party house, when you rent it out on a sharing economy platform like Airbnb, StayzTripAdvisor, FlipKey, Booking.com, HomeAway, and L'Abode.

Most recognised sharing economy platforms do offer some kind of guest verification process - see for example Airbnb’s help article on how hosts can require guests to be verified before booking. Airbnb also explains how to share “House Rules” with your guests - which are a set of expectations around guest behaviour. Furthermore, Airbnb provides a list of safety tips for hosts.

However, while there are some actions you can take that may reduce the risk of your property becoming a ‘party house’, or being damaged in any way during a guest stay, these preventative measures aren’t the same as cover.

That’s why ShareCover exists - to cover you against certain risks associated with having a guest in your property. Importantly, such risks may not be covered by your standard home and contents insurance, landlord insurance policy, or by the guarantees and covers provided by certain recognised sharing economy platforms. To find out what you are covered for under your existing insurance arrangements, refer to those policies. And for more details on what is and isn’t covered by ShareCover, see our Product Disclosure Statement.


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