How will ShareCover affect my property listing on platforms like Airbnb, Stayz & TripAdvisor?

ShareCover will not edit or transform your property listing in any way.

We do however encourage hosts who take out a policy with ShareCover to inform their guests of this fact! This can be done either by noting this in the property listing, or in direct communications with guests.

Letting guests know that your property is insured under a ShareCover policy can allow them to feel more relaxed about their stay, particularly in higher value properties. Guests may feel more comfortable about staying in your property if they know that damage, loss and liability - whether they drop your favourite mug, or fall over and injure themselves - are covered by ShareCover. Furthermore, ShareCover gives peace of mind that the claims process is quick and easy.


Find our more about how ShareCover can giveĀ you and your guests peace of mind when using sharing economy platforms like Airbnb, Stayz & TripAdvisor

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