How to make a property listing accessible for business travellers?


Making a property listing accessible to business travellers may expand the scope of potential guests.

Business travellers may need specific amenities, including for instance Wifi, basic kitchen facilities including tea and coffee, an iron and ironing board, simple check-ins and check-outs, a printer, or accessible parking. They may require the property to have specific safety features, be priced competitively, or be situated in a particular location near transport services.

While there’s no universal recipe for making a listing more accessible to business travellers, some recognised sharing economy platforms offer advice on how to organise your listing to improve its accessibility. For example, Airbnb shows hosts how to add different amenities to a listing. And in relation to business traveller accessibility in particular, Airbnb details what makes a listing Business Travel Ready.

Furthermore, when making a property listing accessible for business travellers you should know your legal obligations. And whether your guests are employees representing a business or not, there are property safety risks associated with having any guest rent your property, whoever they are.

ShareCover exists to cover you against certain risks associated with having a guest in your property, which may include accidental damage done, loss of rental income, or liability. For full details on what ShareCover does and doesn’t cover, see our Product Disclosure Statement.


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