How to: Apply referral code to policy purchase


This can only be used once on any type of policy.

Step 1: If you already have a ShareCover account then head to your dashboard to purchase a new policy or if you are a brand new user head to the homepage and select “Get a Quote”.
Step 2: For both options, follow the prompts and enter details about the stay and policy type you want to purchase

  • Be sure to enter the correct dates to ensure you are covered during the entirety of your guests stay
  • If it is an existing property ensure you update prices or answers to questions to reflect any changes to the property or situation

Step 3: Once you have entered all the details about the policy/property you will come to the final section – payment.

  • This is where you apply the referral code

Step 4: There is box where you can enter the referral code and then simply select “Apply”.

  • If the referral code is valid and has worked correctly a message will appear underneath that box saying the referral code has been applied for this policy

Step 5: Then proceed with payment as normal.

You will be emailed a confirmation along with your certificate of insurance.
You will receive 2 credits to your account for using a referral code.

Please note: the final price will not change as you aren’t applying the credits to the policy, you will just receive them to use on future policies.


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