How short is short-term renting? Can I rent my place for the weekend?

Many sharing economy platforms like Airbnb, StayzTripAdvisor, FlipKey,, HomeAway, and L'Abode, enable you to rent your space for as little as one or two nights. Longer-term rentals - for weeks or months - are also possible on some platforms. To get more information about the minimum and maximum durations you can rent your property for with these platforms, visit their websites.

It’s important to note that whenever you rent your property on a recognised sharing economy platform - whether it’s for one night, the weekend, or for a whole month - your existing home and contents insurance may not provide cover for instances of property damage or loss, since you’re using your property for a commercial purpose. So, even if you only rent your property out on AirbnbStayz, and TripAdvisor for a couple of nights a year, you might be unprotected from damage or loss arising from a guest act or omission during their stay.

ShareCover offers insurance from as little as $5 a night for those renting their space on recognised platforms for stays as short as 1 night.


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