How does ShareCover work if I rent my home under a lease?

ShareCover is available to people who rent their property under a lease, and don’t own the property.

However, there are certain key conditions that apply if you purchase ShareCover for the property you rent out under a lease:

  1. You must obtain written consent from the property owner. We'll ask for a copy of this if you make a claim.
  2. Any cover you have under the Listed Events Cover for the home building, will cover only the owner and any benefit, and any settlement of any claim will be payable to and for the benefit of the owner. You will not receive any benefit or settlement amount in relation to this aspect of any claim
  3. If a claim is made by or on behalf of the owner, you must consent to us communicating with the owner in relation to the claim, and you must provide us with all information and assistance we may require in a timely fashion

These conditions are fully detailed in the Product Disclosure Statement, which you should read when making any decisions about a product.


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