How does Braintree store my information and keep my details secure?

Braintree is committed to protecting your personal information on behalf of ShareCover.

Braintree is on Visa’s Global Compliant Provider List and Mastercard's SDP List to broadcast their compliance with rules and industry security standards.

Various measures are in place to ensure security for all customer data, including the following:

  • Braintree doesn’t store any prohibited data such as raw magnetic stripe, card validations codes or PIN block data.
  • In connection to this they use data encryption via the Braintree Vault to manage cardholder data. Essentially, this uses encryption keys to ensure a thief would be unable to use stolen information from the database without also having the key.
  • Authentication and session management is another measure put in place to strengthen security. Every time a user logs in they are required to authenticate themselves. Passwords are never stored directly in the database.
  • Activity monitoring and testing is a process of reviewing and observing employee, customer and vendor activity to guard against suspicious or unauthorized activity. Vulnerability scans are conducted at least quarterly, and extended penetration testing is conducted at least once a year.
  • Basic fraud protection is set within the control panel to safeguard against common types of fraudulent transactions.

ShareCover follows a strict Privacy Policy and Online Privacy Statement that our payment provider works with, in compliance.

For more detailed information about Braintree’s security measures visit their website here.


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