How do I minimise risk of damage to my property during a guest stay?

Some recognised sharing economy platforms do offer guidance around property safety, and how to minimise risks as a host.

For example, Airbnb provides a help article on how hosts can require guests to be verified before bookingAirbnb also explains how to share “House Rules” with your guests - which are a set of expectations around guest behaviour. There are also more specific issues they address, including what you should consider when offering Internet access to guests, and what you should know if you specify that your property is suitable for children. Furthermore, Airbnb provides a general list of safety tips for hosts.

Ultimately though, the safety of your property and possessions can never be guaranteed. And while there are some actions you can take that may reduce the risk of damage to your property, these preventative measures aren’t the same as cover. This is why ShareCover exists.

ShareCover is designed to provide home and contents insurance to those who are renting out all or part of their home on a recognised platform such as AirbnbStayz, and TripAdvisor. Importantly, ShareCover covers you against risks that may not be covered by your standard home and contents insurance, landlord insurance policy, or by the guarantees and covers provided by certain recognised sharing economy platforms. To find out what you are covered by under your existing insurance arrangements, refer to those policies.


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