Best way to communicate with guests on platforms like Airbnb, Stayz & TripAdvisor?

While there’s no universal recipe for optimal communication with guests, recognised sharing economy platforms like AirbnbStayz, and TripAdvisor do suggest some hospitality standards for hosts.

For example, Airbnb hosting standards for communication can be found here - they include: responding in a timely fashion; and supporting your guests. Airbnb also provides a ‘Guidebook’ tool, which allows hosts to suggest local spots, like restaurants, grocery stores, parks, and attractions - this may enhance communication with guests. Furthermore, if you are hosting on Airbnb, you may want to see Airbnb’s help section on Home Safety and Guest Safety for hosts. You can also direct your guests to Airbnb’s help section on Guest Safety for guests.

Airbnb also addresses questions about communicating online specifically, on the Payment & Communication page of their Online Security help section.

Overall, being responsive and respectful are two qualities hosts can adopt to improve the way they communicate with their guests.


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