Additional benefits for strata properties - what are they? And do they apply to me?

Additional benefits refer to any extra events that are covered under the ShareCover policy for Strata Properties. 

For example, if a guest has not returned the key for the home following a stay, we may pay the necessary costs you incur to replace locks at your home, provided you have taken reasonable steps to recover the keys prior to making a claim.

You are eligible to receive the Strata Property additional benefits if, and only if:

i. The home is owned or rented under a lease by you; and

ii. The home is owned under a company share, stratum or strata title; and

iii. The period of insurance for your policy is 6 or 12 months


Additional benefits include:

i. Electric motor burnout cover

ii. Glass breakage cover

iii. Change of locks cover

iv. Tax audit cover

v. Emergency services access cover

vi. Loss of rent cover (in the event of death of a guest)

vii. Prevention of access cover

viii. Reduction in rental income cover


For full details on what is and isn't covered under additional benefits cover, read our Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

If you have any doubts or queries about whether this cover applies to you, please contact us.


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